Introducing Spirit of Fire in Amharic


About the book

Tamryn’s book, Spirit of Fire has been translated into Amharic and the first batch printed. This book is a fantastic evangelism training tool. It teaches believers how to work with the Holy Spirit to win the lost and set the captives free. It empowers children of God to be effective soul-winners with signs and wonders following!

About the tour

Tamryn and key members of the In His Name team are conducting a two-week tour in Ethiopia from 27 July to 10 August, distributing free copies of Spirit of Fire to hundreds of pastors in the towns in which we have previously held crusades.

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Gambela (28-30 JUL)

We crusaded in Gambela in May 2017. This town is located in the West of Ethiopia, close to the South Sudanese border and inhabited by many South Sudanese refugees. We will be meeting with both Ethiopian and South Sudanese pastors, giving Amharic books to the former and English books to the latter. 

Dire Dawa (30 JUL - 2 AUG)

This will be the first time that we visit this location. Dire Dawa is a city in the west of Ethiopia with less than 3% of its half a million population being born-again believers. We will hold meetings with the local pastors, distribute free books and discuss how we can help them win Dire Dawa for Jesus.


Ziway (3-4 AUG)

We crusaded here in December 2018. This town is located on the banks of Lake Ziway, around 170km (100 miles) from the capital, Addis Ababa. The vast majority of the population still follow other faiths and there is still much work to be done. 

Shashamane (4-5 AUG)

We crusaded in Shashamane in December 2019. Once again, the majority of the population are not yet born-again believers. Pastors will also join us from nearby YIRGA ALEM, ALETA WENDO and DILLA, locations where we held crusades in October 2018, March 2021 and February 2017, respectively. 


Shone (5-6 AUG)

We crusaded in Shone in February 2020. Here, pastors will also meet with us from BODITI (January 2021), ADILO (December 2020), ANGACHA TOWN (November 2020) and HOSAENA (February 2018). 

Arba Minch (6-9 AUG)

We held a crusade in Arba Minch in December 2017. Here, pastors will also connect with us from JINKA, where we crusaded in June 2018 and SAWLA, where we crusaded in March 2019.

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